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(Group Leader)

Dr. Waheed S. Khan

Dy. Chief Scientist

Team Members

  • Dr. Sadia Zafar Bajwa             (Pr. Scientist)
  • Dr. Ayesha Ihsan              (Pr. Scientist)
  • Dr. Asma Rehman            (Pr. Scientist)
  • Mr. Abdul Malik                          (Pr. Scientist)
  • Ms. Nuzhat Jamil                       Research Associate/PhD Scholar
  • Ms. Yumna Zaheer                     Research Associate/PhD Scholar
  • Mr. Lutfur Rahman                    Research Associate/PhD Scholar
  • Ms. Farwah Jameel                    Research Associate/PhD Scholar
  • Mr. Amna Rafique                      Research Associate/PhD Scholar
  • Mr. Danish Hussain                    Research Associate/PhD Scholar
  • Ms. Maryam Iftikhar                  Research Associate/PhD
  • Mr. Ahmad Madni                       PhD Scholar (HEC Scholarship)
  • Ms. Syeda Zunaira Bukhari     PhD Scholar
  • Mr. Muhammad Irfan                PhD Scholar
  • Mr. Dayam Iqbal                          PhD Scholar
  • Ms Ammara Aziz                         MS/M.Phil Student
  • Ms Ayesha Rehman                   MS/M.Phil Student
  • Ms Umama Noor                        MS/M.Phil Student
  • Ms Anqa                                         MS/M.Phil Student
  • Mr. Azhar Shahzad                    Scientific Assistant-I
  • Mr. Hafiz Shakeel                       Scientific Assistant-II


Objective of Nanobiotech Group (NBT)

“Development of multifarious novel nanostructured materials for exploring their potential applications mainly in the areas of environment, health, industry, agriculture through the optimal use of highly sophisticated research facilities and experienced manpower available at our prestigious institute NIBGE exploiting our national/international collaborative contacts.”


Over the past two decades or so, nanotechnology has emerged as the steadily growing area of science and technology which deals with manipulation of matter at nanometer (10-9m) scale. Nanobiotechnology refers to the use of nanotechnological approaches for studying the biological systems. The main objective of multipurpose research of Nanobiotech Group (NBT) at NIBGE is to develop new, facile & efficient strategies for the synthesis of  metal- , semiconductor-, alloy-, porous, composite-based nanostructured materials with useful novel morphologies and subsequently explore their potential applications in diversified areas such as Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants, drugs residues, enzyme immobilization, biosensors, drug delivery, antibacterial/antiviral agents, forensics (finger prints development), environmental remediation, heavy metals removal, etc.

 There are four sections of Nanobiotechnology Research Group which are described below:

1-    Mass Scale Production of Nanomaterials from  Renewable Sources for Commercial/Applied Aspects (Dr. Waheed S. Khan)

2-    Development of Nanomaterials based Miniaturized Sensors (Dr. Sadia Zafar Bajwa)

3-    Drug Delivery and Bioimaging (Dr. Ayesha Ihsan)

4-    Nanoporous and Polymeric Materials (Dr. Asma Rehman)


Salient Facilities:

Scanning Probe Microscope, Surface Area Analyzer and Porosimetry System, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, Photocatalytic Reactor, Hydrothermal Reactor , Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, Pycnometer, Ultramicrotome, Sputter Coater, Dynamic Light Scattering (Zetasizer Nano), Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, Ultracentrifuge, FTNIR etc, Electrospining System for Nanofibers, Biosensors Setup



Research Activities


Financial Support:

The research work is succeeded by grants from the following agencies:

  • PSF and NSFC (Pak-China) Joint Research Project
  • Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan(Six (08) projects under NRPU Scheme)
  • Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan(One project under Grand Challenge Fund (GCF) Scheme)
  • International Foundation of Science (IFS), Sweden(Three (03) projects)
  • Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of Pakistan


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