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Dr Asma Rehman

Principal Scientist

Work Phone: +92 41 9201316; Ext. 3317
Fax Phone: +92 41 9201322
Cell/Direct Phone: +92 3339110984
Dr Asma Rehman


  • Ph. D. (Biotechnology), NIBGE, Faisalabad with Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad in 2013.
  • M. Phil. (Biotechnology), NIBGE, Faisalabad with Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad in 2004.
  • M. Sc. (Chemistry), University of Peshawar in 2001.
  • B. Sc. (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry), University of Peshawar in 1999.


Research Interests

Fabrication of Nanostructured Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

 Research topics include:

  • Development of simple and new chemical approaches for the synthesis of metal/metal oxide nanoparticles
  • Synthesis of highly porous polymer beads, their chemical modification for metal removal and formation of metallic beads
  • Study of antimicrobial and optical properties of nanostructured materials
  • Fabrication of biopolymer based nanofibers for wound dressing applications.
  • Exploring medicinal plant extracted metal nanoparticles for biofilm eradication
  • Fabrication of membranes for water filtration using electrospining technique


Development of environment friendly method for synthesis of biosurfactant coated metal/metal oxide nanoparticles for eradication of harmful biofilms

With increasing problem of development of multi drug resistant strains there is an urgent need to develop efficient strategies and techniques to treat drug resistant surface bounded microbial community. In this context the nanomaterials and their composites are getting more attentions due to their size/morphology depended optical, chemical properties and are the material of choice because of their potential applications in many fields like their use as antimicrobial materials, scaffolds for tissue engineering, support for catalyst and other guest species etc. In this context the natural unmodified biosurfactant coated silver and iron oxide nanoparticles have been fabricated using green methods. Further the as-synthesized nanoparticles showed significant antibiofilm/antibacterial activity not only during biofilm formation but also on pre-developed biofilms.

Selected Publications

  • Khalid, H.F., Tehseen, B., Sarwar, Y., Hussain, S.Z., Khan, W.S., Raza, Z.A., Bajwa, S.Z., Kanaras, A.G., Hussain, I., Rehman, A?. 2019. Biosurfactant coated silver and iron oxide nanoparticles with enhanced anti-biofilm and anti-adhesive properties. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 364: 441-448.
  • Tehseen, B., Rehman, A**., Rahmat, M., Bhatti, H. N., Wu, A., But, F. K., Naz, G.,. Khan, W. S***., Bajwa, S. Z*. (2018). Solution growth of 3D MnO2 mesh comprising 1D nanofibers as a novel sensors for selective and sensitive detection of biomolecules. Accepted in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 117: 852-859.
  • Muhammad Ahmad Mudassir, Syed Zajif Hussain, Asma Rehman, Wasif Zaheer, Syeda Tasmia Asma,  Asim Jilani, Mohammad Aslam, Haifei Zhang, Tariq Mahmood Ansari, and Irshad Hussain. 2017. Development of Silver-Nanoparticle-Decorated Emulsion-Templated Hierarchically Porous Poly(1-vinylimidazole) Beads for Water Treatment. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9(28): 24190-24197.
  • Rehman, A., Sarwar, Y., Raza, Z.A., Hussain, S.Z., Mustafa, T., Khan, W.S., Ghauri, M.A., Haque, A. and Hussain, I. 2015. Metal nanoparticles assisted polymerase chain reaction for strain typing of Salmonella Typhi. Analyst. 140: 7366.
  • Rehman, A., Majeed, M. I., Ihsan, A., Hussain, S. Z., Rehman, S. U., Ghauri, M. A., Khalid, Z. M. and Hussain, I. 2011. Living fungal hyphae-templated porous gold microwires using nanoparticles as building blocks. Journal of Nanoparticle Research.13: 6747-6754.


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