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Microbial Phytotechnology

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Group leader:

 Dr. Fathia Mubeen (DCS)


Team Members

  1. Dr. SumeraYasmin (PS)
  2. Dr. Asma Imran (PS)
  3. Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz (SS)
  4. Ph. D. Scholars:  8 (on-going)
  5. M.Phil. Scholars: 3 (on-going)
  6. Technical staff: 8and 3 DPL (Lab work/ Biofertilizer production unit)


Mandate of Microbial Phytotechnology Group (MPG) is to exploit the beneficial microbial resource for development and improvement of biofertilizers and bio-pesticides for important crops.After an extensive R & D, MPGdeveloped and launched the country’s first biofertilizerproduct “BioPower®”in 1996. The product has been registered as BioPowerSuper and is available for a range of crops including legumes and non-legumes.The group has recently developed and registered anotherbiofertilizer product “Phosphorus Pool”. It is based on phosphate solubilizing bacteria for growing different crops in P-deficient soils. Development and testing of compost-based enriched organic fertilizer for vegetable tunnel farming is also in progress.


The group is well-recognized and has been strengthened through various national/ international research grants from ADB, ALP,HEC,IAEA, ICGEB, IDB and PSF. NIBGE Biotech Resource Center (NBRC) and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) are some of the main facilities maintained by this Group.

The main research areas of the group include;

  • Plant-microbe beneficial interactions and development of next generation biofertilizers for:

a)      Saline soils

b)      Drought-prone soils

c)      P deficient soils


  • Molecular Ecology and metagenomics
  • Organic farming for conversion of crop/cow waste into an organic fertilizer
  • Bio-fortification of crops using plant growth promoting bacteria
  • Biological control of plant diseases

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