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Dr. Fathia Mubeen ,

Dy. Chief Scientist

Work Phone: +92 41 9201316-20 Ext. 3267
Fax Phone: +92 41 9201472
Dr. Fathia Mubeen



  • B.Sc. 1990, (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry), Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.            
  • M.Sc. 1994, (Biochemistry), University of Agriculture, Faisal abad, Pakistan.                 
  • M.Phil.1997, (Biochemistry), University of Agriculture, Faisal abad, Pakistan.                
  • B.Ed. 1998, (Science Education), Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.              
  • Ph.D. 2006, (Biochemistry), University of Agriculture, Faisal abad, Pakistan.                 
  • Postdoc. 2009-2010, (Biocontrol), University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.         


Research interests:

  • Plant Microbe interaction under Agrochemical and salinity stress 

  • Biocontrol of crop diseases with fungal and bacterial agents

  • Biochemical and molecular identification and characterization of bacteria and fungi 

  • Development of bacterial inoculum specific for saline soils 


Recent Publications:


  1. Nawaz A, Shahbaz M, Asadullah, Imran A, Marghoob MU, Imtiaz M and Mubeen F. (2020) Potential of Salt Tolerant PGPR in Growth and Yield Augmentation of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Under Saline Conditions. Front. Microbiol. 11:2019.doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.0201 (IF= 4.235) (cit:01).
  2. Hakim S, Mirza B.S, Imran A, Zaheer A, Yasmin S, Mubeen F, Mclean JE, Mirza MS.  2020Illumina sequencing of 16S rRNA tag shows disparity in rhizobial and non-rhizobial diversity associated with root nodules of mung bean growing in different habitats. Microbiological Research, 231; 126356 (IF= 3.970).
  3. Faraz A., Haq IU, Ijaz S., Mubeen F., Habib A., Qadri RWK., Khan NA. (2020). "Morphgenomics based identification of Fusarium proliferatum causing Syagrus romanzoffiana wilt and exploitation of antifungal potential of Trichoderma Species against this pathogen",:  Journal of Plant Pathology.  (IF= 0.944)
  4. Ullah, N., Ditta, A., Khalid, A., Mehmood, S., Rizwan, M. S., Mubeen, F., Imtiaz M., (2019). Integrated effect of algal biochar and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on physiology and growth of maize under water deficit irrigations. DOI:10.1007/s42729-019-00112-0. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (IF: 2.006)
  5. Abbas R, Rasul S, Aslam K, Baber M, Shahid M, Mubeen F and Naqqash T. 2019. Halo tolerant PGPR: A hope for cultivation of saline soils. Journal of King Saud University–Science 31(4): 1195-1201; doi: 10.1016/j.jksus.2019.02.019 (IF: 2.835)
  6. Yizhu, L., Imtiaz, M., Ditta, A., Rizwan, M. S., Ashraf, M., Mehmood, S., Aziz, O., Mubeen, F., Ali, M., Elahi, N. N., Ijaz, R., Lele, S., Shuang, C., Tu, S., (2019). Response of growth, antioxidant enzymes and root exudates production towards stress in Pteris vittata and Astragalus sinicus colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (IF: 2.914)
  7. 7.   Rajput L., Imran A, Mubeen F., Yusuf F. 2018. Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) growth promotion by a halo-tolerant PGPR-consortium isolated and characterized from salt affected soil. Soil Environ. 37(2): 178-189, DOI:10.25252/SE/18/61522, Online ISSN: 2075-1141; Print ISSN: 2074-9546 
  8. 8.   Ditta A., Imtiaz M, Mehmood S., Rizwan MS, Mubeen F., Aziz O., Qian Z., Ijaz R and Tu S. 2018. Rock phosphate-enriched organic fertilizer with phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms improves nodulation, growth, and yield of legumes. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2018.1538374 (I.F: 0.54) (cit:01) 
  9. Abdullah I, S. Q. Z. Gilani and Mubeen F.. 2014. Effect of Repeated Laundering on Durability and Bactericidal Activity of Some Antibacterial Finishes. Pak. J. Sci. Ind. Res. A: Ser. phy. sci. 2014 57(1) 47-52).
  10. Rajput L. Imran A., Mubeen F. and Hafeez F. Y. 2013. Salt-Tolerant PGPR strain Planococcus Rifietoensis promotes the growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivated in saline soil. Pak. J. Bot., 45(6): 1955-1962, 2013. (IF. 0.69) (cit: 52)



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