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Wastewater Treatment & Phytoremediation

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Group Leader:

Dr. Muhammad Afzal  

Dy. Chief Scientist

Team Members:

  1.  Dr Razia Tahseen                             (Principal Scientist)
  2.  Dr Amer J. Hashmat                        (Principal Scientist)
  3. Mr. GhulamShabir                                     (Principal Scientific Assistant)
  4. Mr. Salman Younus                                   (Senior Plan Operator)
  5. Mr. Muhammad Saeed Ahmed           (Senior Scientific Assistant)
  6. Mr. Sarfraz Ahmed                                   (Scientific assistant IV)
  7. Contingent employ (No. 7)
  8. Ph.D. students (3), M.Phil (1)



The group has mandate to monitor environmental pollutants and develop environment friendly technologies for the remediation of soil and wastewater using biotechnologies approaches.

Key areas of focus:  

 Application of treatmentwetlands (constructed and floating) for the remediation of industrial and municipal wastewaters to protect water resources, ecosystems, and human health.

Development of integrated technologies for industrial effluents.

Heavy metal toxicity in crops and strategies to minimize metal transfer in edible parts.

Provision of analytical services of environmental monitoring to public and private sectors.

Commercial Activities: 

 Application of floating treatment wetlands (FTWs) and constructed wetlands (CWs) for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment.

Clients: OGDCL Pakistan, WASA Faisalabad,Toyota Motors Faisalabad, World Wide Fund (WWF) Faisalabad, Interloop Limited Khurrianwala.

Environmental monitoring: Analysis of drinking water, wastewater, soil, sludge and fabric etc.


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