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Industrial Biotechnology Division

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Head of Division: 

 Dr Hamid Rashid 

Dy. Chief Scientist



Industrial biotechnology is a multidisciplinary technology and includes the integrated application of disciplines such as biochemistry, microbiology, molecular genetics and process technology to develop useful processes and products, based on microbial, animal or plant cells, their organelles or enzymes as biocatalysts. Particularly microorganisms have received a lot of attention as a biotechnological instrument and are used in so-called fermentation processes.

The aim of our research is to develop biological processes by using living cells (such as bacteria, yeast, algae) or component of cells like enzymes, to create sustainable manufacturing processes and products including enzymes, biofuels, prebiotics and antimicrobials etc. The main research activities includes, isolation of microorganisms from nature, screening for product formation, maintenance of microbial cultures, improvement of product yield, study of biosynthetic pathways, synthesis of nanomaterials, mass cultures using bioreactors and recovery of products and services

These research activities are focused around four different themes.

• Bioprocessing of Ores and Fossil Fuels

• Industrial Enzymes and Biofuels

• Biotechnology of Prebiotics and Antimicrobials

• Nanobiotechnology

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