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Biofertilizers Production

NIBGE has developed all necessary expertise and the infrastructure to undertake the biofertilizer production. The production technology developed is notable because of the large and high quality fermentation quality, totally integrated production process, automatic mixing, filling and packaging system, experienced personnel in all phases of production. At the moment NIBGE is producing two types of biofertilizers.

1)      BioPowerSuperis the country’s first biofertilizer product available since 1995 for various leguminous and non-leguminous crops, like cotton, maize, rice, sugarcane & wheat. The product is registered with Punjab Govt. since 2016. The product not only saves 10-20% chemical fertilizer (N &P) but promises 5-10% yield increase in different crops with guaranteed ecological safety.

2)      Phosphorus Pool is another biofertilizer product based on phosphate solubilizing bacteria registered and launched in 2017. Phosphorus is a limiting crop nutrient in most of the Pakistani soils and farmers have to add huge amounts of DAP to overcome this problem. These chemical phosphorus fertilizers not only increase the cost of crop production, but pollute the environment. Phosphorus Pool is based upon phosphate solubilizing bacteria that produce organic acids and lower the pH. It solubilizes phosphates in the soil and renders them in available form for crop plants. Since, it is an environmentally safe biofertilizer, the farmers can adopt it easily and get economic and yield benefits. Apart from phosphorus supply, this product also promises 5-10% increase in crop yield, 20% saving of chemical fertilizer and improvement in soil structure and fertility.

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