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CCML & Telephone Exchange

(Group Leader)

Muhammad Akhtar

Principal Scientist 

Team Members:

  • Asif Naveed
  • Imdad ullah 
  • Zafar Alam
  • M Majid Imran


Computer and Control Maintenance Lab (CCML) provides repair and maintenance services of sophisticated electronic equipment/instrument and computers used in biotechnology and genetic engineering labs at NIBGE and also assist the institute by providing multimedia (Audio, Visual) facility in seminars, workshops, M. Phil and Ph. D class lectures. Main objective of CCML group is to provide repair and maintenance services to all the institute’s electronic instrumentation in a qualified and professional way by getting equipment back into operation as quickly as possible with minimum possible cost of repairs and outsourcing.


Services Provided

  • Repair Maintenance of research Instruments/ Equipments working in all   Divisions of NIBGE.
  • Installation and repair maintenance service of surveillance system at PAEC Foundation School and provided their display on NIBGE Security Gate.
  • Rehabilitation of instruments like Autoclaves, Lab Ovens/Incubators and Hot plates.
  • Hardware repair/maintenance of Computers.
  • Repair/Maintenance of Printers.
  • Operation of sound system and Multimedia for Weakly seminars/conferences and international Workshops and briefing to the Higher authorities visiting NIBGE throughout the year .
  • Providing assistance to University cell in Skype / routine lectures and viva voice of their PHD and M. Phil students.



 Manufacturing/Fabrication of,

  • Digital Electrophoreses Power supply
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Digital Volt Meter
  • Delay Timers
  • Multi channel digital temperature controller (used in Heap of coal desulfurization).
  • Over and under voltage alarm.


Telephone Exchange

Telephone exchange of NIBGE provides services to keep the telephone lines and telephone sets operational and in working condition. Up-gradation of Telephone exchange was done by Installing DISA module and updated software. Installation new of Distribution Board (DB) panels in telephone exchange and all Divisions / buildings were completed. Telephone exchange installed new telephone numbers, backup power batteries, PAEC Telephone Directory and Main Distribution Frame (MDF) with Krone strips in Exchange room was Up-graded.

Recently a new Telephone Exchange has been installed with the help of ICCC-Islamabad consisting of (24+192) lines system, Trunk CLI for 12 trunk lines, intercom CLI for all extensions, power distribution board, UPS for EPABX and commercial computer for operation, MDI/IDF for 300 lines (including 06 termination block with fuses and lighting arrestor) and telephone console set.

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