Sunday, October 01, 2023
Technical Services Division

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Head of Division 

Muhammad Akhtar

Principal Scientist


This division is comprised of scientists, engineers and technical staffs and structurally have three main groups including Information Technology Centre (IT-Centre), Computer and Control Maintenance Lab (CCML) and Workshop. Telephone Exchange and Library are also working under TSD. TSD focuses on repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment, oversees IT & Telecommunication services, maintenance of infrastructure of NIBGE and residential areas and provide technical services to some applications of developed technologies. These include fermentation technology and conversion organic waste into energy and compost. TSD also coordinates with various government agencies and service providers to ensure maintenance of facilities (e.g. WAPDA, SUI GAS, WASA, PTCL, NEXLINX Networks etc.).



To maintain our status as a leader in technical services & engineering by providing our clients with the best quality, most comprehensive services ensuring their increased safety, reliability and profitability.


Efforts to fulfill Vision

TSD will achieve this by adhering to its core values; providing services that will enhance the availability of the R&D activities. TSD will deliver ongoing R&D activities cost-savings by decreasing maintenance costs through consistent, efficient and accurate inspections and engineering services.


Structure of the Division 

TSD consists of three (3) main groups as follows: -

  • Workshop
  • Computer and Control Maintenance Lab (CCML) & Telephone Exchange
  • Information Technology Centre (IT-Centre) & Library


Core Activities of TSD

The mandate and core activities of the division revolve around the following:

  • Utility Services ( Telephone, Internet services, Water, Electricity, gas etc.,)
  • Equipment management and maintenance services (Electronics/Mechanical part of the  equipment and Rehabilitation of instruments)
  • Facility management and maintenance services (Fermentation shed, Biogas pilot plant, RO water treatment plant etc.)
  • Equipment calibration management system (pH meters, Balances, Autoclaves, Pipettes and Temperature Gauges including Freezer, UL-freezers, Growth Chamber,  Incubator, Water baths, Ovens
  • Installation and management of Video surveillance system
  • General maintenance (Plumbing works, Paint/carpentry work, Welding works etc.)
  • Civil engineering (Water Supply and distribution, Sewage and Drainages etc.)
  • Mechanical engineering (Maintenance of refrigeration and Air- conditioners/ HVAC etc.)
  • Electrical engineering (Maintenance of Electrical systems, LV/HV equipment and Panel, etc.)
  • Fire Service Section ( Fire Fighting and Protection, Maintenance of Fire Panels, Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, Alarm annunciation, break glass etc.)
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