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Environmental Biotechnology Publications

 Year 2009


  1. Saeed A, Q M Khan, U Waheed , M Arshad , M Asif and M Farooq RT-PCR evaluation for identification and sequence analysis of foot-and-mouth disease serotype O from 2006 to 2007 in Punjab, Pakistan . Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Diseases  (2009) doi: 10.1016/j.cimid.2009.10.004
  2. Bhalli. J.A ,  Q.M   Khan, Z.M Khalid, (2009) “Cytogenetic and Molecular Biomonitoring of Sprayers Exposed to Pesticides in Cotton Fields in Pakistan” Environmental And Molecular Mutagenesis 50: 573-573 (2009)
  3. Bhalli.J.A, Tayyaba. Ali, M.R. Asi, Z.M. Khalid, M. Ceppi and Q.M. Khan (2009) DNA Damage in Pakistani Agricultural Workers Exposed to Mixture of Pesticides, Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 50:37-45.
  4. Ismail. M, Ali. R, T. Ali, U. Waheed, & Q.M. Khan, (2009)" Evaluation of the Acute Toxicity of Profenofos and its Effects on the Behavioral Pattern of Fingerling Common Carp Cyprinus carpio L., 1758) Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 82:569-573.
  5. S. Anwar, F. Liaquat, S. Iqbal, QM. Khan, Z. M. Khalid. (2009) Biodegradation of chlorpyrifos and its hydrolysis product 3, 5, 6-trichloro-2-pyridinol by Bacillus pumilus strain C2A1. J. Hazard. Mater. 168 (1): 400-405.
  6. Parado G., Bhalli J. A. and Marcos R., (2009) Genotoxicity of heptachlor and  heptachlor epoxide in human TK6 lymphoblastoid cells. Mutat. Res.: Genet. Toxicol.Environ. Mutagen. 673(2): 87-91.
  7. XiaoFen Jin, Dan Liu, Ejazul Islam, Qaisar Mahmood, Xiao-E Yang, Zhen-Li He, Peter J. Stoffella, (2009). Effects of Zinc on Root Morphology and Antioxidant Adaptations of Cadmium-Treated Sedum alfredii H. Journal of Plant Nutrition, Volume 32, Issue 10, Pages 1642-1656. (Impact Factor = 0.569).
  8. XiaoFen Jin, Dan Liu, Ejazul Islam, Qaisar Mahmood, Xiao-E Yang, Zhen-Li He, Peter J. Stoffella, (2009). Effects of Zinc on Root Morphology and Antioxidant Adaptations of Cadmium-Treated Sedum alfredii H. Journal of Plant Nutrition, Volume 32, Issue 10, Pages 1642-1656. (Impact Factor = 0.569).
  9. Tingqiang Li, Xiaoe Yang, Lingli Lu, Ejazul Islam, Zhenli He (2009). Effects of zinc and cadmium interactions on root morphology and metal translocation in a hyperaccumulating species under hydroponic conditions. Journal of Hazardous Materials. Volume 169, Issues 1-3, 30, Pages 734-741. (Impact Factor = 2.975).
  10. Xin Wang, Ying Wang, Qaisar Mahmood, Ejazul Islam, Xiaofen Jin, Tingqiang Li, Xiaoe Yang, Dan Liu. (2009). The effect of EDDS addition on the phytoextraction efficiency from Pb contaminated soil by Sedum alfredii Hance
    Journal of Hazardous Materials. Volume 168, Issue 1, Pages 530-535. (Impact Factor = 2.975).
  11. Mahmood Q, Hu B, Cai J, Zheng P, Azim MR, Jilani G, Islam E, (2009). Isolation of Ochrobactrum sp.QZ2 from sulfide and nitrite treatment system. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 165 (1-3): 558-565. (Impact Factor = 2.975).
  12. Khan, M.A., M.U. Shirazi, M. Ali Khan, S.M. Mujtaba, E. Islam, S. Mumtaz, A. Shereen and M. Yasin Ashraf. (2009). Role of proline, K/Na ratio and chlorophyll content in salt tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Pak. J. Bot., 41(2): 633-638 (Impact Factor=0.470).
  13. Mahmood Q, Zheng P, Hayat Y, Jin RC, Azim MR, Jilani G, Islam E, Ahmad M, (2009). Effect of nitrite to sulfide ratios on the performance of anoxic sulfide oxidizing reactor. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. 34 (1A): 45-54. (Impact Factor = 0.108).
  14. Asif. M Ali. R. A, Masroor E. B, Ahmad a, Sehrish f, and Q. M Khan (2009) Development of genetic marker for Molecular detection of Brucella abortus , Pakistan J. Zool. OCT 2009, No. 9 pp. 267-271,2009
  15. Waheed, U.,  Saeed, A., Ameena M., Q. M. Khan The Vp1 (Capsid Protein) Gene Based Dna Sequencing for Epidemiological Analysis of FMDV, Isolated From Buffaloes in Pakistan. Paper published in Pakistan J. Zool. OCT 2009, No. 9 pp. 333-339


Year 2008 


  1. Khan M.Z., Sajjad-ul-Hassan, F. Mahmood, Q M Khan, G. Muhammad, I. Javed (2008) Pathological effects of Benomyl in male Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) Acta Veterinaria BRNO 77:209-216.
  2. Tayyaba. Ali, Bahalli. J A, Shahid M and Q M. Khan. (2008) Cytogenetic Damage in Female Pakistani Agricultural Workers Exposed to Pesticides; Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 49: 374-380 .
  3. Waheed U, Sabir Farooq , Rashid Mahmood and QM Khan (2008) RT-PCR Based Diagnosis of Foot and Mouth Disease in Punjab, Pakistan. Int. J. Biol. Biotech., 4 (1): 19 -26 (Un know)
  4. Fecek, C., D. Yao, A. Ka

List of publications


  • Afzal, M., Khan, S., Iqbal, S., Mirza, M.S., Khan, Q.M., 2013. Inoculation method affects colonization and activity of Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN during phytoremediation of diesel-contaminated soil. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 85, 331-336. (I.F. 2.2).
  • Naveed, M., Yousaf, S., Afzal, M., Sessitsch, A. 2013. The endophyte Enterobacter sp. FD17: A maize growth enhancer selected based on rigorous testing of plant beneficial traits and colonization characteristics. Biology and Fertility of Soils (accepted) (I.F. 2.51).
  • Tara, N., Afzal, M., Ansari, T.M., Tahseen, R., Iqbal, S., Khan Q.M. 2013. Combined use of alkane-degrading and plant growth-promoting bacteria enhanced phytoremediation of diesel contaminated soil. International Journal of Phytoremediation, (Accepted), DOI BIJB-2013-0056. (I.F. 1.2).
  • Irem, S., Khan, Q.M., Islam E., Hashmat, A.J., Anwar-ul-Haq, M., Afzal, M., Mustafa T. 2013.  Enhanced removal of reactive navy blue dye using powdered orange waste. Ecological Engineering, 58, 399-405 (I. F. 2.6).
  • Afzal, M., Shabir, G., Tahseen, R., Islam, E., Iqbal, S., Khan, Q.M., Khalid Z.M. 2013. Endophytic Burkholderia sp. strain PsJN improves plant growth and phytoremediation of soil irrigated with textile effluent. Clean Soil Air and Water (accepted). DOI # 10.1002/clen.201300006. (I.F. 2.0).
  • Khan, S., Afzal, M., Iqbal, S. Khan, Q.M. 2013. Plant-bacteria partnerships for the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils. Chemosphere 90, 1317-1332. (I.F. 3.2). 
  • Yousaf, S., Afzal, M., Anees, M., Malik, R.N., Campisano, A., 2014. Ecology and Functional Potential of Endophytes in Bioremediation: A Molecular Perspective. in: V.C. Verma, A.C. Gange (Eds.), Advances in Endophytic Research. Springer, pp. 301-320
  • Khan, S., Afzal, M., Iqbal, S., Mirza, M.S., Khan, Q.M. 2013. Inoculum pretreatment affects bacterial survival, activity and catabolic gene expression during phytoremediation of diesel contaminated soil. Chemosphere 91, 663-668. (I.F. 3.2).
  • Afzal, M., Shabir, G., Iqbal S., Mustafa, T., Khan Q. M. and Khalid Z. M. 2013. Assessment of heavy metal contamination in soil and groundwater at leather industrial area of Kasur, Pakistan. Clean Soil, Air & Water (Accepted) DOI # clen. 201100715 (I.F. 2.2). 
  • Afzal, M., Yousaf, S., Reichenauer, T.G., Sessitsch, A. 2013. Ecology of alkane-degrading bacteria and their interaction with the plant. Edited by Frans J. de Bruijn. Molecular Microbial Ecology of the Rhizosphere, Volume 2, Wiley-Blackwell pp. 975-990.
  • Mitter, B., Brader, G., Afzal, M., Compant, S., Naveed, M., Trognitz F., Sessitsch, A. 2013. Advances in elucidating beneficial interactions between plants, soil and bacteria. Advances in Agronomy, 121, 381-445. (I. F. 5.2).
  • Shabir, G., Afzal, M., Tahseen, R., Iqbal, S., Khan, Q.M., Khalid, Z.M. 2013. Detoxification of oil refinery wastewater by pilot scale fed batch reactor followed by coagulation and filtration. American Journal of Environmental Protection, 1, 10-13.
  • Khan, H. A., Rahman, S. U., Khan, A. and Khan, Q. M. (2013) Detection and Sequencing of Field Isolates of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus from Punjab Province, Pakistan. Pak. J. Life Soc. Sci. 11(3):212-217 (I. F: 1.0)
  • Ali, R., Ismail, M., Bhalli, J. A., Mobeen, A. and Khan, Q. M. (2013) Effect of temperature on ochratoxin A production in common Cereals by Aspergillus species. The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, 23(5): 1316-1320 (I.F: 0.63)
  • Jalees, M. M., Hussain, I., Arshad, M., Muhammad, G., Khan Q. M. and Mahmood, M. S. (2013) Occurrence of Peste Des Petits Ruminants in Five Districts of Punjab, Pakistan. Pak. Vet. J. 33(2): 165-169. (I.F: 1.4)
  • Bashir A., Midrarullah, Mirza, M.S. 2013. Effects of inoculation with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPRs) on different growth parameters of cold area rice variety, Fakre Malakand. African Journal of Microbiology Research 7: 1651-1656 
  • Tahir, M., Mirza M.S., Zaheer A, Dimitrov, M.R., Smidt H., Hameed S. 2013. Isolation and identification of phosphate solubilizer Azospirillum, Bacillus and Enterobacter strains by 16SrRNA sequence analysis and their effect on growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Australian Journal of Crop Sciences 7:1284-1292
  • Zahid I Sajid, Farooq Anwar , Ghulam Shabir, Ghulam Rasul, Anwarul Gilani, Khalid Alkharfy 2012 Antioxidant, Antimicrobial Properties and Phenolics of Different Solvent Extracts from Bark, Leaves and Seeds of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre. Molecules 17, 3917-3932. 
  • Sumera Yasmin, Hafeez F Y, Schmid M and Hartmann (2013) A Plant-beneficial rhizobacteria for sustainable increased yield of cotton with reduced level of chemical fertilizers. Pak J Bot 44 (6): 655-662.   

Accepted paper

  • Shabir, G., Afzal, M., Anwar, F., Khalid, Z. M., Khan, Q. M., Khan, M. U. and Sajid, Z. I. (2013) Removal of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solution by Sorption onto Leaves, Flowers and Bark of Delonix regia. Journal of ChemXpress 
  • Ali, R., Xiaoqing, G., Haixia, L.,  Khan, Q. M., Waheed, U., Ismail, M., Ali, T., Bhalli, J. A. and Mobin, A. (2013) Mutant frequency in comparison to oxidative DNA damage induced by ochratoxin A in L5178 tk+/- (3.7.2C) mouse lymphoma cells. Drug and Chemical Toxicology (I.F: 1.293) 
  • Asif, M., Waheed. U., Farooq, M., Ali, T. and Khan, Q. M. (2013) Frequency of Brucellosis in High Risk Human Groups in Pakistan Detected through Polymerase Chain Reaction and its Comparison with Conventional Slide Agglutination Test. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology. (I.F 0
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